Friday, May 7, 2010


Hello dear followers,

I had a fantastic opportunity to have a CranioSacral session with Gabriel Bobek.
Before I tried it , I knew very litte about this method.

Living in New york city,dealing with stress is pretty common.
So when I went to visit Gabriel , at Backbone and Wingspan Pilates studio on wednesday,
I was pretty stress with work and had a bad foot.

Gabriel is the sweetest person I ever met.
He asked me to lie down face up on a very comfortable mattress and to close my eyes and relax.
I can tell you that after 10 minutes I was fast asleep.(even snoring a little)

CranioSacral therapy works through the craniosacral system to access the body's self healing

Using a very light touch the skilled practitioner monitors body rhythms at key points to locate areas of obstruction,stress,or dysfunction.
Then techniques of alignment and adjustment engage the body's own corrective mechanisms to release what's ''stuck''.
Over time a chain reaction of release follows- this gentle and subtle touch produces fundamental changes safely from inside out.

When I Finally woke up,I felt so serene and relaxed,and most of all I knew I did a great favor to my body.

Everybody should try this experience at least once in their lifetime,and trust me when you tried it you will want some more.

To schedule an appointment please contact:
CranioSacral therapist
Gabriel Bobek@6463341366 or


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