Saturday, November 12, 2011

On communication ( Express your feelings, let it out and feel good)

communicate |kəˈmyo͞onəˌkāt|
1 [ no obj. ] share or exchange information, news, or ideas: the prisoner was forbidden to communicate with his family.
• [ with obj. ] impart or pass on (information, news, or ideas): he communicated his findings to the inspector.
• [ with obj. ] convey or transmit (an emotion or feeling) in a nonverbal way: the ability of good teachers to communicate their own enthusiasm | his sudden fear communicated itself .
• succeed in conveying one's ideas or in evoking understanding in others: a politician must have the ability to communicate.
• (of two people) be able to share and understand each other's thoughts and feelings.
• [ with obj. ] (usu. be communicated) pass on (an infectious disease) to another person or animal.
• [ with obj. ] transmit (heat or motion): the heat is communicated through a small brass grating.
• (often as adj. communicating) (of two rooms) have a common connecting door: he went into the communicating room to pick up the phone.

The importance of communication!!
We experience it every day don't we?
How do you communicate? Do you communicate?
Talking with my friend Larissa yesterday, we reflected on this.

We all know the feeling of liberation and peace after we finally said what we wanted to say. It is not an easy task, it always depends on circumstances and the people you are talking to.
But sometimes we wait so long to say what we really think , that it becomes a weight, it becomes a living alien inside your body, it becomes a disease.
A lot of people suffers from disorders, just because they keep every concern and fear and worry for themselves.
The lack of communication turns into misconception , misunderstanding, and arguments.
Of course there are different ways to communicate. It can be by mail, text message, by phone, touch, gestures, but nothing beats the one on one.
It can be scary sometimes but it is the only true way to understand and share people feelings and thoughts.
I'm trying my best every day to communicate as best as I can, because I like that feeling of peace that I feel each time that I express my thought, or my concern and ideas. when I do that it benefits my soul and my body.
I always encourage people to not be afraid to speak up, trust me it is good for you and for the other person you are speaking to.

Be healthy, Be Happy.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On gratitude!!

Gratitude: (noun)
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness: she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support.

I'm grateful for Ceshada Chambers who came to me last night and said '' I love your blog and your website, it is like you are talking to me''. She really touch my heart, because if I can touch someone life, that is the greatest gift I can receive. Thank you Ceshada.

It's not easy to have gratitude because we want so much all the time, and sometimes we have so much already, we don't even see it or appreciate it.
I think gratitude come easy when you have less, or when you going through a struggle.
You just see things in a new light, you understand what is really important.
Gratitude is the hardest when you need to have it for your struggle, your disease, or the people who hurt you.

It can take forever to do that, and to keep a grudge is easier than to have gratitude. We all know that.
But when we reach that point, when we acknowledge and accept that we needed that disease, those people, that struggle to grow, to become a better person, to be stronger. It is such a relief and it feels so good.
That inner peace is gratitude, it's priceless, it's enlightenment.

Today I'm grateful, for the kind words of Ceshada, for my dear friends who are supporting me in all my endeavour, and I'm so lucky to have many of you, for my family, for my mentor in faith Daisaku Ikeda, for everyone who gives me an opportunity to grow and discover my real self, for the healthy food I eat every day, for my imperfect life..

Health starts with feeling good inside, feeling good starts with gratitude!!

Be Healthy, Be Happy


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've tried it and I like it.
I knew already about the benefits of the Noni juice and I tried a few years ago..but I really didn't stop and notice what it was doing to me.
Last month when I was in Paris, my friend gave me a bottle of Noni juice that his Mother made herself.
She is leaving on the island of Guadeloupe , where you can find the Noni fruit.
He told me that the process of juicing it is pretty long and difficult, that is why it is so expensive. Anyway the Noni that he gave me was total raw natural juice. The taste and the smell is very strong, but I can tell you that I felt the results right away.
I'm someone who suffers with deep fatigue especially when I have Pms , well guess what? No more fatigue for me, that is the first thing that I noticed, more energy and stamina, yes yes.
I just feel physically strong. I would recommend it to anyone, and try to get the most organic one you can get.

Others facts about Noni:

Noni Juice is a rich source of organic acids such as Acetic and Caprylic Acid, both of which are fungicides. Fungicides help kill off the yeast/candida overgrowth in the intestinal tract that contributes to intestinal dysbiosis.

Noni Juice is a critical component in fighting the war on aging. Because Noni is rich in phytochemicals, it helps chase down waste products such as oxidants and free radicals.

Noni Juice has been used by natives of the pacific islands for over 2,000 years. It is only recently that western societies have begun using the plant and its fruit as a natural supplement. What we do know about Noni, based on western science, is that it is a powerful antioxidant; it reduces modification of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) which should lessen the onset of arteriosclerosis; it appears to boost the immunity of people taking it; it appears to have anti-inflammatory properties.

Another thing that my friend told me don't exceed the amount you are taking, it's good for you but don't exagerate..if it says 1 teaspoon, take 1's a very strong juice, you don't want it to have reverse effects.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.



Thursday, July 7, 2011


Where did I go all this time? my last post was august last!! what did I do with it?
I have to apologizes with my followers which I totally ignored for almost a year and that is not good.
But I'm back which is the most important.
I just came back from a trip in Europe and I had a lot of time to reflect on how I'm using my time.
Not very wisely I have to say.
especially in a city like New york, time goes by so fast if you are not organized, it will be the end of the day and you'll find out that you haven't done anything useful. and I'm sure your list of '' things to do'' is as long as my list.
I know one thing, I always find the time to have fun, that is for sure, but It's more difficult to find the time to do things that are important, like write my blog, work on my new project, do some research, find a new job..I have tones of ideas but to put them in practice is very hard.

So I decided when I got back last week to use my time wisely and ask myself: who and what do I give my time to and why? I know that sometimes I gave away my time to people or things just because I didn't want to spend time with myself or on the things that were supposed to be done.
why? I don't know.
I just know that I got to the point that I realized that I could have done so much more for my life.

So I Work a little bit every day on my different projects, I 'm trying not be too harsh on myself.

I do a little bit everyday so I can reach my goals, and I have to say that is make me feel better. when I go to bed at night I have a sense of fulfilment.
And of course find the time for leisure and friends but not giving my all time for that.
My body needs my time too of course, to rest , to exercise and to be fed properly.
It's hard to find a balance, but it's possible, and I will give it a try?
I have to admit that I write all the things I have to do on my Iphone, so I don't forget , I don't want to waste time anymore.

Time is precious, we have to use it wisely.

What about you? how do you manage your time?