Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Spring is finally here!! and today is Saint patrick's day.
Yes! and eating GREENS is easier.

So go ahead,do it!!I'm sure your mother used to tell you'',eat your greens it's good for you.''
She was so right,dark leafy green are packed with powerful nutritional supplements. that help maintain good health and protect against cancer and other diseases.
Leafy greens that have gotten the attention from researchers for their role in disease prevention are: kale,collards,cabbage,bok choy,mustard and turnip greens,watercress

The more they are leafy,the more they contain vitamin A,C and E,all considered antioxidant nutrients that help neutralize cancer-promoting oxygen molecules known as free radicals.
Leafy greens are a great source of fiber,calcium and iron.
The darker the green,the more it contains carotenoids which boost the immune system.

Try to get your greens organic because they will taste better and they'll be better for you.
Check you area for a farmer's market,whole foods,etc..

So after all this great infos,don't you feel like eating more greens?
I do,and if you don't feel like eating them,juice them.
Try this great juice:kale,celery,green apple.
Try this great salad;
kale,avocado,raisins,and a little brown rice

This post is especially for my friend Hanayo!!
Love you and thank you for your support

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