Thursday, March 4, 2010


Painless natural depilation??
Yes it does exist..I tried it and I loved it.
Nobody like to feel pain,especially during depilation.
I was a model for the day to try this eastern tradition depilation,it is the most ancient way of doing it.
Cleopatra was using that method,so I felt like a queen for a day.
It is a simple method made with honey,water and lemon,and it makes a paste like caramel.
In the eastern countries the recipe is past on from mother to daughter.
I was amazed on how painless it was and how my skin was so soft.
It last as long or even longer as any regular wax,it is natural and it's good for the skin..
If you have the opportunity,try it!!
There is only 2 esthetician in Nyc who are doing it for now.
Here are they infos:
Contact them,they are Great!!


Maria said...

Very useful link! :)
thanks a lot!

* said...

Thankyou Darly for donating your time, and for helping me and Laure with spreading the word, about this hair removal method! xox : )
Glad you loved it as much as I do!