Sunday, February 21, 2010

Exercising is an important part on how to stay healthy.
Find your own kind of physical activity.
Make sure you like it and most of all that you're having fun.
Any activity that you would do without enjoying it will turn to be a disaster for you.
You will burn out even before seeing the result.
Experiment,try different kind of work out.
There are so many out there;yoga,pilates,belly dancing,kick aerobic,etc..even walking fast is a great work out.
If you don't like to exercise on your own find a work out partner,it is more fun and more motivating.
The important thing is to sweat it out,get rid of those toxins.
Did you know that exercise make you feel less depressed, it helps you increase your energy,and by exercising you will live longer and of course stay young and beautiful.
So c'mon sweat it out!!

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